Target user group extension

The leading target group of tado° currently consists mainly of technology-savvy users. This means that tado° is missing out on an opportunity to expand its reach and attract ordinary consumers as users.

Making tado° more accessible to different users would increase the number of devices sold. Our proposal to attract more consumers is to design an interface and functions that adapt to the different users' needs.

Our research phase looked at different target groups and found that not all needs are taken into account. Not all households are the same, and apartment communities, in particular, find it difficult to make optimal use of the geofencing function. Since tado° only sees an entire household, the rooms' temperature is not turned off until all residents have left. This problem can easily be transferred to other types of housing, e.g. families where the children are already older and independet but still live at home. This shows that not all households are equal and that a solution is needed that meets different needs.

Time period: 10.2o20 - 02.2o21

In collaboration with: Fabienne Erben, Lovis Götz, Raphael Wallner

My tasks: research, interviews, surveys, discovering pain points, brainstorming, creation of personas, user tests, sitemap development, user flow enhancement, digital creation of wireframes, digital prototype

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UI Kit
Tado 4
Onboarding Flow
Tado 4
INVITATIONS: In addition to the desired temperature and functions, invited users have the option of choosing which of the shared rooms he would like to have access to. Access requests to rooms and functions can be allowed or denied by every user with administrator rights.
Tado 4
DASHBOARD: For easy access and management, devices and functions are arranged into rooms. The user can virtually enter every room directly and control it individually. All room-independent functions are in the upper quarter. The functions and rooms are arranged in a way they can easily be reached and edited with the thumb without having to change the position of the hand.
Tado 4
ADAPTABLE MODULAR SYSTEM: Edit rooms according to your needs, manage devices and functions directly on your dashboard. tado° develops new ideas, products or services? Perfect! The interface can easily be extended with new features. They can be added either to the various section as well as to the individual rooms without violating the design structure.
Tado 4
PROFILES: On the user screen all members of the houshold are listed. The admin can delete or add other users and edit their user information. Furthermore the main user can control various permission of other members, such as their visibility on the Who’s Home screen or their access to different rooms. He/she can also give all those administration rights to others users. This means it’s possible to have more than one admin in the houshold.
Tado 4
WHO'S HOME: Here you can check who is at home and set the home and away temperature. In the original tado° app, this was still called geofencing. However, it was renamed "Who is at home" so that the user immediately recognises what the purpose of the function is. Thanks to Who's home, the user no longer has to regulate the temperature manually. tado° detects whether the user is at home and automatically adjusts the temperatures to the Away temperature. The minimalist design makes it very easy to change the respective temperatures at any time.
Tado 4
SMART SCHEDULE: The user can set up a schedule for the thermostat so it cools and heats to the same temperature at the same time on selected days without anyone having to remember it. The schedule-tile in the rooms shows the time the current heating time-slot ends. The main functional difference to the Smart Schedule of the original tado° app is the number of combination options of different schedules and days. In the original app, there were a rather limited selection of possible combinations. In this version, all imaginable combinations are possible. This allows the user to completely customize their smart schedules to their own lifestyle. The other editing functions of the smart schedule have been reworked to optimize their usability.