Memory Reloaded

As part of this project a round monopoly made of wooden materials was developed where not only the number of pairs marked with colors, but also the length of the drawn sticks is decisive. The body of the game serves on the one hand as a playing field and on the other hand as a storage box for the pins.

The coat was lasered as a living hinge pattern from an MDF board and then put together with the aid of dovetail teeth. The ground and lid are connected to the outer surface by finger prongs.

Time period: 11.2o19 - 12.2o19

In collaboration with: Michael Doepke, Korbinian Haseitl

My tasks: brainstorming, prototyping, preparation and operation laser cutter, creation of the sticks, assembly

Holz 1
Detail shot above
Holz 2
Detail shot inside
Holz 3
Entire game setup
Holz 4
Game flow