Generation of simple recipes based on the existing, expiring groceries

Our app is dedicated to an everyday problem that addresses a large number of target group and whose importance was underlined by qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey: forgotten and thus expired food in the refrigerator. From the combination of the collected results we were able to draw our key insights and create personas and scenarios. From this we derived goals and performance promises that we wanted to achieve with our app:

It should help people to keep track of their food by listing all perishable groceries in the app and by showing which ingredients really need to be bought for the recipes. It should also help people to remember food that is about to expire by sending notifications as soon as the food is approaching its best-before date and by suggesting simple recipes with those groceries at the same time.

The core functionality of the app is the generation of simple recipes primarily based on the existing, expiring food. From a user flow to a collection of wireframes, the final screens of the prototype were created eventually.

In the course of the further development of the app, a user test would be conceivable, as well as the implementation of a „community“ factor and crowd sourcing related to the units of the various groceries.

Time period: 05.2o20 - 08.2o20

In collaboration with: Jennifer Leis, Dominik Mohr, Fabian Sax

My tasks: brainstorming, logo development, color finding, surveys, storyboard, value proposition and core functionality, user flow, analog and digital creation of wireframes, digital prototype

MockUps: Designed by Freepik

Foodle 4
Final wireframes
Foodle 5
Final wireframes
Foodle 1
Foodle 2
Logo development and color palette
Foodle 3
Fictional Twitter post