A small trekking grill for easy assembly and disassembly

A grill should be designed, constructed and, if possible, implemented, on which our favorite grill dish can be ideally prepared.

The grill should be designed according to the relevant design rules, functional, appropriate to the demands, the material and ready for producion. Every detail of the grill should be optimized for the perfect preparation of your favorite grill dish. Amongst other things, the shape and size of the food, its handling on the grill or the ideal cooking temperature should be taken into account. But also other influences such as the place of preparation, wind & wheather, the number of people hosted people, the type of transport, any aids that may be required for the preparation and cleaning of the grill can be relevant and incorporated into the conception.

Our grill was designed in a way that it can be taken on a hike or a trekking tour without having to sacrifice a lot of space and to carry unnecessary weight. It consists of several flat individual parts that can easily and quickly be assebled and plugged into a kind of hat, thus creating a stable stand. The grilled food can be fixed on the barbs of the outer surface; the fat that runs down is caught in the brim of the hat.

After and during use, the hot grill can be ransported without any problems with the help of the rod with wooden handles that is inserted at the upper end of the outer surface. On-site cleaning is not absolutely necessary, since all parts of the grill can be placed in the big plate, whose the inner hole is covered with a small plate. Then the entire package is closed with another, large plate.

We didn't design a seperate heat source for the firehat - you can fall back on a large number of common gas stoves.

Time period: 05.2o21 - 07.2o21

In collaboration with: Ronja Pecher, Maria van Vügt

My tasks: shaping, construction, model making

Feuerhut 3
The built-up grill (cardboard model)
Feuerhut 1
The individual parts of which the trekking grill is built
Feuerhut 2
All parts can be placed in the plate - a lid ensures a clean transport
Feuerhut 4
The built-up grill (rendering)
Feuerhut 5
The individual parts of the grill and their placement in the packaging (rendering)
Feuerhut 6
When dismantled, the grill is so small and, above all, thin that it can easily be stowed in a trekking backpack